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Present Your Bodies as a Living Sacrifice
Reading Romans 12: 1-2 in the Context of the Whole Letter

Abbot Jeremy’s Paper on Romans 12:1-2

"Seek the things above!"

“Seek the things that are above.”


I’m still contemplating the theme for this year’s retreat; meditating and praying over some reflections that I believe would benefit us all as we dive deeper into the mysteries of Christ together.

2017 St. Benedict Festival

2017 St. Benedict Festival

So, I hope you will consider returning again for another Fellowship Retreat and/or inviting new participants.  In inviting new participants, remember that these should not be persons simply anxious to pursue the teaching but people anxious and able also to pursue the fellowship between Protestants and Catholics that the retreat has always tried to promote.  For this reason, although the retreat principally fills up on the basis of first come, we also work hard to keep an even representation of Protestants and Catholics.  We have also been promoting in the last years bringing younger people on board, and this has worked well too— people in their 20s and 30s.  The mixing of generations is something that doesn’t happen enough in our culture anymore, and the mix of this at Fellowship Retreat has been sweet and wonderful.  Let us all pray that the Lord will assemble once again, according to his mysterious designs, the group of believers and searchers that he wants to gather at Mount Angel for these blessed days.  Here is a link to some photos from our 2016 Fellowship Retreat for you enjoyment

Pray for me, as the abbot of Mount Angel, and for the good monks for whom he wishes to become a worthy father and guide.

Peace in Christ,

Abbot Jeremy

Abbot Jeremy Driscoll OSB


The Fellowship Retreat is annual gathering of like minded Christians (primarily Catholic and Protestant) who come together at the Benedictine Monastery of Mount Angel Abbey, Oregon for fellowship under the common tradition of biblical teaching in order to have their lives transformed into the likeness of Christ.

2018 Retreat Information

Cancelled due to Retreat House Remodeling

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