Retreat Registration

 All reservations are secured in the order received.  So to avoid ending up on a waiting list, regardless of whether you are returning member or first-time attendee send in your deposit and registration form ASAP.  Note: The retreat is limited to 60 attendees and almost always sells out.

  • July 24, 2017:                       Registration for all Attendees begins

Please read all the registration details on this page

First-time attendees:

  1. First-time attendees are referred/invited to attend by current member
  2. First-time attendees only become members once they attend a retreat
  3. First-time attendees will not be added to the retreat mailing list until they have registered and attended a retreat.
  4. First-time attendees receive notifications, information and registration forms for upcoming retreats directly from a referring current member.
  5. Existing members should consider their new referrals/invitations for first-time attendees in light of the nature and purpose of the retreat’s fellowship.  This ensures new attendees are well received and preserves the open, deep, rich and welcoming nature of the fellowship.

Registration Guidelines and Fellowship Retreat Information:

  1. Please do not contact the Mount Angel Abbey Retreat House for Fellowship Retreat information or registration information.  This is managed by the Fellowship Retreat leadership and its members… see “Contact” page
  2. Registration notification is emailed to members typically in the summer months prior to the retreat
  3. Dates for the upcoming retreat are currently posted on the Fellowship Retreat website
  4. In order to secure a reservation for an upcoming retreat you need to print and complete the registration form accessed through the links on this page.  Mail the registration form with your deposit to the address indicated on the form.  Do not mail registrations to the Mount Angel Abbey Retreat house.
  5. Registration forms are only available after the registration period begins.
  6. Please note… the Retreat leadership will not send emails or notifications to first-time attendees in order to facilitate the registration process.  It is the responsibility of the referring existing member to guide their referred first-time attendee through the registration process.
  7. Regardless if you a returning current member or a first-time attendees you are encouraged to send your registration as soon as possible (note when registration begins above).
  8. Be careful to include both the registration form and deposit when mailing in your registration… one without the other will not secure your reservation.