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2019 Fellowship Retreat: The Lord’s Resurrection

Dear Friends of the Fellowship Retreat,

It has been two years since we met because our Guesthouse was closed for renovation and expansion.  We are open again!  So I happily write to invite you to this year’s Fellowship Retreat, scheduled for September 26-29.  I hope you can join us.  I think those of us who have made previous retreats missed very much the reunion that this retreat means for us each year.

In this past year I published a new book titled Awesome Glory: Resurrection in Scripture, Liturgy, and Theology.  In some ways it contains many of the the thoughts I’ve been sharing during the Fellowship Retreat over the years.  At the same time, new ground is also broken around our exploration of the inexhaustible mystery of the Lord’s resurrection and its consequences for us.  As a theme for a retreat, I usually share with you what is most recently on my mind and in my work.  So, resurrection will somehow be the theme of this year’s retreat too.  Different angles on it will probably be what we do beginning now and in subsequent years as well.  Perhaps you would want to procure a copy before the retreat.  It is easily had through Amazon or through the Abbey Bookstore.

Registration will be conducted 100% online.  There will be no more mailing checks or forms.

Costs are rising are rising everywhere— we know. This could put a strain on some of our retreat members, and we do not want any guest to feel he or she cannot attend because of financial circumstances. If you are in need of financial assistance in order to attend this retreat, please contact Michael Laska or Diana Deen. Naturally, all requests for financial assistance will be conducted with complete confidentiality.

Peace in Christ,

Abbot Jeremy

Abbot Jeremy Driscoll OSB









Here is a link to some photos from our Previous Fellowship Retreats for you enjoyment



The Fellowship Retreat is annual gathering of like minded Christians (primarily Catholic and Protestant) who come together at the Benedictine Monastery of Mount Angel Abbey, Oregon for fellowship under the common tradition of biblical teaching in order to have their lives transformed into the likeness of Christ.

2019 Retreat Information

2019 Fellowship Retreat: September 24 to 27, 2019

Online Registration will start on Saturday, July 6th at 12 PM (use link below for the registration page)

Online Registration is here