About Fellowship Retreat


The Fellowship Retreat is annual gathering of like minded Christians (primarily Catholic and Protestant) who come together at the Benedictine Monastery of Mount Angel Abbey, Oregon for fellowship under the common tradition of biblical teaching in order to have their lives transformed into the likeness of Christ.


Fellowship Retreat Leadership

Retreat Leader/Teacher:  Abbot. Jeremy Driscoll OSB

Retreat Coordinators:  Diana Deen and Michael Laska

Retreat Guest Master:  Fr. Pius X Harding OSB

Who has access to the Fellowship Retreat Website?:

  • Generally, access to the website is not restricted.

Who are Fellowship Retreat Members?:

  • This is anyone who has previously attended a retreat.

If I have never attended a Fellowship Retreat, how can be invited?:

  • New attendees must be personally invited by an existing Fellowship Retreat Member before registering to a Fellowship Retreat for the first time.